Technology and leadership

An introduction


Unicorns were real. Regardless of whether they were actually “fatter and furrier,” reports of far more recent remains discovered (moving the extinction date from 350,000 to just 29,000 years ago) of the Siberian unicorn excites me (Perry, 2016). It sparks a few thoughts. Real unicorns may not look like what we imagine, but very little ever does.

Magis is everywhere. If we look closer, if we strive ceaselessly, there exists in everything and everyone the chance to make it, her, or him better. Technology, in particular, offers a prime opportunity to make “more” of great leadership – to build, extend, and share it.

Most of us have an idea of a great leader. The image possibly varies, but frequently when described, the great leader seems based on a myth. We might imagine leaders look a particular way and may be surprised when the reality is “more rhino than stallion” (Perry, 2016). We are living in a place and time that better recognizes leadership in its many forms. Discoveries are made, and thinking begins to shift. Technology allows us to amplify and repeat those successes. The two intersect, making much more of a real thing.

Perry, J. (2016, March 29). Real ‘Siberian unicorn’ remains found. CNN. Retrieved from

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